Understanding side effects of marijuana

What Is Medical Marijuana?

If you are interested in medical marijuana in Florida, then let MMJ Doctors help you get your well-deserved Florida Medical Marijuana Card and letter of recommendation. By speaking with one of our licensed marijuana doctors, you will be able to get your hands on a variety of different medical cannabis products that can help you. Side effects of medical marijuana are not as known as they should be, but we are hoping to help out by informing you of some of the most common ones that exist.

While it has taken several decades, marijuana is beginning to lose the stigma it once had. Some people may still look unfavorably towards it, but with the knowledge of additional uses from cannabis, its usage both recreationally and medically has gained traction and acceptance in many parts of the country. While there are not too many states who have legalized recreational marijuana, many more have legalized medical marijuana, which has allowed many patients to find true relief in the form of cannabis-derived products.

The products available can include oils, creams, vaporizers, and marijuana flower. Each one can affect people in different ways, and each one is best for different individuals. Depending on your condition and medical history, you are likely to choose one type over another. You may even have to try more than one product to get a sense for what would work best for you. In the case of the marijuana flower, you have to first have tried one of the other products. So if you have never had a medical marijuana card before, you will not be able to get the flower without going through extra paperwork that states the other products do not work as well for you.

Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

While MMJ Doctors can help you get medical marijuana products from state licensed dispensaries, it’s also important that you know about the possible side-effects that exist. While many prescription drugs let you know of the possible bad reactions you could get from taking them, medical marijuana products do not usually include this. It’s interesting to consider, since tobacco products, from cigars, cigarettes, chew, and vaporizers always include warnings. Medical marijuana can be consumed in the same way as some tobacco, but some may not realize that cannabis can include its own hazards if you are not careful.

The side-effects associated depends on dosage, which products you’re using, and how often you may be using. Most of the side-effects are associated with vaping or smoking marijuana, but it can apply to almost any form of medical marijuana since the biggest reason behind the side-effects—THC and CBD — are found in nearly all medical cannabis products.

Common Symptoms

It is always important to understand how medical marijuana may affect you

The most common symptoms you might get from medical marijuana products are dizziness and drowsiness. They are not at all uncommon when you take a smokable or vaporized form of medical marijuana. It comes from the THC, which affects your brain more heavily than CBD, which can result in your body being so calm and relaxed that standing up causes it to freak out a little bit. It can also cause some of your senses to be heightened as well as perhaps prevent you from being as focused as you normally would be, at least your first few uses.

These side-effects are actually not too different than some other forms of medication. The changes to the body will cause you to maybe feel a bit slower and less energized, thus sudden movements and just standing up can cause dizziness. If you’re feeling drowsy, then that’s the body being in full relaxation mode, where, once again, you do not want to be too active. Whether it’s full-on dizziness or feeling drowsy, you do not want to operate machinery or do anything complicated when you feel this way.

Another common type of side effects of medical marijuana people often tend to exhibit are red eyes. It has become somewhat of a joke that those with seriously red eyes must be under the influence of marijuana, and that can sometimes be the case. However, the reason why medical marijuana can cause red eyes has to do with THC, which expands blood vessels in the body. Due to this expansion, blood flow increases and it shows in the vessels that are within your eyes. Thus, the appearance of bloodshot eyes is created.

THC can also mess with saliva flow, which causes another side-effect: dry mouth. In order to combat this, you simply need to make sure your mouth stays hydrated. The most obvious way to do this would be to drink water, but you can also use mouthwash and chew sugar-free gum. Essentially, anything that produces healthy saliva flow will help you curb a dry mouth.

Medical Cannabis – Less Common Symptoms

Consult your qualified cannabis doctor for the appropriate dosage and form of medical marijuana

While these previously mentioned side effects of marijuana are not too severe, there are some that are. Medical marijuana, in rare cases, can cause paranoia in some users, as well as increased heart rate. In these cases, a history of each is usually why they would be heightened when taking something that is high in THC. This makes paranoia and increased heart rate more rare in the realm of medical marijuana side-effects, though they can happen to certain individuals.

One other major side-effect that isn’t exactly dangerous but also not completely safe is having a slow reaction time. Due to the way THC affects different parts of the body, your reaction time might decrease. This is why some people associate taking drugs with “slow motion,” since things can seem to be going slower when under the influence of some drugs. Medical marijuana products can produce similar experiences, so if you happen to feel this way, make sure you take it easy.

Each product can affect you differently, so always consult with your marijuana doctor in case you have any questions or need to lower your dosage. MMJ Doctors can make sure you get the right products and that you have the best possible experience with them.

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