Marijuana Flower To Be Legalized In Florida

The New Stance on Florida Medical Marijuana Amendment 2

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—who was sworn in just this past January—is already on a mission to ensure that the needs of the voters and state citizens are met. That same month, he announced his plan to drop an appeal, made by former Gov. Rick Scott, that was preventing the sale of smokable marijuana, also known as the marijuana flower, at medical marijuana dispensaries. This appeal effectively makes smoking marijuana illegal, something the new governor thinks is unconstitutional. With strong marijuana proponent John Morgan on his side, DeSantis seems committed to making sure medical marijuana is available to everyone in any form they choose.

Florida Medical Marijuana’s Uphill Battle

It’s an issue that has been ongoing ever since the State of Florida voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2016. Amendment 2 (as it’s called) allows for those with certain illnesses and afflictions to use medical marijuana as treatment. The treatment options involved with cannabis include oils, capsules, and vaping, but it never allowed the smoking of the actual marijuana plant. Many feel that the options and ways to administer medical marijuana should be between a doctor and their patient, which means that the government should not be interfering with how a person is ingesting medical cannabis.

When people like John Morgan learned of the amendment’s limitations, they decided to take action. Morgan himself successfully sued the state of Florida, stating that the restriction of smoking marijuana was unconstitutional and should not be enforced. This successful suit allowed for the sale of the marijuana flower to be sold, thus allowing for private marijuana smoking. However, this suit was soon countered by former Gov. Scott, who filed an appeal, which then prevented the sale of the flower once again.

The dispute about limiting the inhalation of cannabis is one that mainly involves perceived stigmas and beliefs. While it’s said that smoking  is “effective and efficient” as a way of getting THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) into the bloodstream, others associate traditional marijuana smoking with “stoner culture.” They may also see the smoking of the flower as a way for people to get behind the recreational use of marijuana, something some arguably may not want. Additionally, as part of these viewpoints, some of those who approve the use of medical marijuana don’t consider smoking as “medicinal,” hence why they are okay with oils and gels. It continues to be an ongoing battle that lawmakers and those in need of medical marijuana have.

This is where Gov. DeSantis comes in. He thinks this debate needs to stop and that medical marijuana patients should be allowed to smoke marijuana if they so choose so. He plans to drop the appeal put in place by former Gov. Scott, which would allow for the selling of the marijuana flower, and thus allow patients to legally smoke marijuana. He’s also giving lawmakers a certain amount of time to figure out what would happen if the appeal were to be eliminated.

Florida Medical Marijuana Laws 2018

Vertical Integration in Florida

DeSantis also mentioned getting rid of what is known as “vertical integration.” Anyone familiar with how marijuana dispensaries function might know about this, as well as “horizontal integration.” Florida falls under vertical integration, which boils down to a rule where those who can sell and distribute medical marijuana are only allowed to grow, cultivate, sell, and distribute their own product. This has severely restricted the choices for marijuana in the state of Florida and has made the race for getting licenses unnecessarily competitive. Certain companies who had put in a bid to acquire a license won it, but then later had it taken away, only to have it returned in appeals.

These restrictive regulations have rarely benefited the consumer, as it limits the choices they have, but also makes the product of medical marijuana less of a commodity. Making medical marijuana less available and harder to acquire harms the people who need it most, and puts them at the mercy of a small number of corporations. It doesn’t necessarily work for the businesses, either, as they have to manage every aspect of giving medical marijuana to the consumer, instead of having dedicated growers, cultivators, and distributors.

Abolishing vertical integration will allow for more dispensaries and more choices for people. Businesses that initially could only sell their own branded product would then be able to sell a competitor’s within their stores. This will also allow the medical marijuana business the ability to properly assist the many people in Florida who may otherwise have trouble getting cannabis products, due to the shortage of dispensaries in the state compared to the demand and how many people are seeking medical cannabis treatment.

More Options for Florida  Medical Marijuana Patients

With the promise of getting rid of former Gov. Scott’s appeal, and by possibly eliminating vertical integration, Gov. DeSantis is making sure that medical marijuana will be getting into the hands of more qualified patients. As soon as this March, legally smoking marijuana could be allowed; this would allow buying marijuana in the form of a flower. With these combined allowances, those seeking options for medical treatment will be able to smoke marijuana in Miami, as well as the rest of Florida, if their doctor recommends it, and they will be able to choose from a variety of strands available to them at dispensaries. Patients can always refer to this list of licensed dispensaries to find out where to buy marijuana in Miami or any other part of the state.

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