Amendment 2 Florida – Florida Medical Marijuana legalization law which allowed patients with one of qualified condition to apply for a medical marijuana card


Florida Medical Marijuana Laws

Florida Medical Marijuana Laws 2018

Are you aware that Amendment 2 that was passed in November of 2016 made extensive changes to the MMJ law, much of which affected dispensaries, physicians, and patients in 2018?
State and Local MMJ Laws in Florida

State and Local MMJ Laws in Florida

If you are interested in exploring the many uses of medical marijuana for conditions such as glaucoma, cancer, or multiple sclerosis, you may be eligible to receive a recommendation from a licensed medical marijuana physician in the state of Florida.
How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Florida

How to become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Miami

Under the new law, those who suffer from the following ten conditions can apply to receive a medical marijuana card.