Find an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near You

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In June 2018, the SQ 788 was passed, making Oklahoma the 30th state in the US to legalize medical marijuana. The market in this state for marijuana has fast become one of the most valuable and fastest-growing…

How to Buy Weed in Oklahoma.

How to Buy Weed in Oklahoma What do you need to know before you buy weed in Oklahoma? With the passing of SQ 788, Oklahoma residents (over the age of 18) can legally purchase medical marijuana products at a state-approved dispensary throughout…

How to Buy Weed in Miami, Florida

Once you have received your medical marijuana card in the mail, you can then use it to purchase weed at any licensed dispensary in the state. It is not legal to sell or buy marijuana in a form that can be smoked under Amendment 2.