Medical Marijuana

Establish Medical Marijuana Needs With Online Consultation

  If you are considering the use of medical marijuana for your health condition, you can either visit a medical marijuana specialist for advice or get an online consultation. To save you the time and cost involved in traveling to the…
Cannabis for nerve pain

How Cannabis Helps With Chronic Nerve Pain

  Chronic nerve pain, also known as neuropathic pain, is a type of pain that persists over a long time due to injury to nerves. Usually, damaged nerves send altered signals to the spinal cord and brain, which leads to chronic pain. There…
Chronic pain vs Medical Marijuana in New York

Chronic pain vs Medical Marijuana in New York

New York State Department of Health has a particular view when it comes to using medical marijuana to treat Chronic Pain. While many people experience pain in different ways, people with a medical condition that qualifies under the Compassionate…