Has the FDA Approved Medical Marijuana?

  At present, the Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve medical marijuana. However, there is reason to hope that the highly anticipated approval of medical marijuana will come after the agency approved one product and three…

A Conversation With Marijuana Influencer, Parker Beck

Breaking the Stereotype – Publicizing the Wonders of Marijuana – an Interview With Self-made Marijuana Influencer, Parker Beck. Based on an interview with Parker Beck, a self-made marijuana…

Top 50 Bloggers Agree on These 3 Benefits Of Using Marijuana

Over the years, a speculation on the disadvantages of using Marijuana has been overstated. However, in the recent past, experts have agreed on the benefits of using cannabis far outweigh the unproven disadvantages.

Election 2020: Marijuana Legalization on the Ballot

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Election 2020: Marijuana Legalization on the Ballot All signs indicate that 2020 could well be a massive year for the legalization of marijuana, with marijuana legalization now on the ballot! Currently, more than fifteen states have prepared…