MMJ Doctors believes that everyone should have a chance at attaining real relief, which is why we help patients obtain medical marijuana cards. We know how helpful medical marijuana is for so many patients across the country, which is also why we want you to know about traveling with medical marijuana. The laws regarding medical marijuana can be strange and ever-changing, which is why patients should always know their rights and rules that govern usage.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

While it has taken years for medical marijuana to be more widely accepted, it has now become much more commonplace across the country. With the variety of things you can do with cannabis extract, a wide range of products have become available for all types of patients. The longtime image of smoking dry flower is no longer the only option for those who want to partake in medical marijuana products.

By taking the plant and its resources more seriously, cultivators and sellers are now able to provide patients with products that work for everyone. If you want to vape your medical marijuana, there are many styles and cannabis oils to your liking. For those that prefer a more traditional form of medication, capsules are also available, as are tinctures and creams, which work great for those who want to treat a specific part of the body. Smoking marijuana the old fashioned way is also available for those who wish to purchase the marijuana flower.

Medical marijuana products also come in different levels of cannabinoids. The most prominent components of marijuana are THC and CBD, with some users preferring more of one over the other. If you want a marijuana product that is higher in THC, you have that option when purchasing a product. If you only want the healing properties and are not looking to get high, products rich in CBD are always available. You can even get products that are a balanced blend of both, which can be very beneficial for some users.

How Medical Marijuana Benefits You

Medical marijuana can help people with a variety of ailments and disorders, which is part of what makes it such a highly recommended form of treatment. One benefit of medical marijuana is how it helps cancer patients handle their condition while also working with other forms of treatment. Other types of patients who have different severe ailments can also benefit, as medical marijuana has been shown to help relieve pain in other types of patients. If you have a severe medical condition, there is a chance that medical marijuana can help you.

If your situation is less dire, medical marijuana can still help you. Those with chronic pain who have used medical marijuana have found great relief with creams and oils. Medical marijuana is also popular with those who suffer from anxiety, as it has been proven to help patients relax and stay focused when they may not otherwise.

Traveling with Medical Marijuana

With all the good medical marijuana can do for you, you might be curious as to whether you can take this medicine wherever you go. Sadly, with the rules around cannabis generally being complicated and full of exceptions, you cannot exactly bring your medical marijuana with you all of the time. It is critical for every medical cannabis patient to understand the restrictions when it comes to traveling with medical marijuana.  Even though you may have genuine medical reasons for using marijuana, it is still recognized as illegal by the federal government. This means that if you are going somewhere that is overseen by the federal government, such as a national park, you cannot have medical marijuana on you.

The way medical marijuana currently works is that states are the ones dictating the rules and legal standing of it within their borders. In most cases, traveling with medical marijuana is only allowed within the state in which it was purchased. A state like Florida, for example, allows for you to get medical marijuana within its borders with a doctor’s recommendation. Then there are states like California, where marijuana is legal both medically and recreationally, which means anyone aged 21 and over can legally purchase marijuana with proper ID.

Rules of traveling with marijuana

Medical marijuana: know before you go

On the Road or In the Skies

If you are planning on traveling with marijuana products and want to know if you can have it with you, keep in mind the rules pertaining to each state. Some states may be more lenient when it comes to people bringing in their medical marijuana, such as states that have decriminalized the drug. It really depends on how legal or forgiving the state in question is with the drug and who can carry it.

However, there are other reasons why you would not want to bring medical marijuana with you on a trip. For one thing, many states that have medical marijuana legalized do not encourage you to cross borders with your product, for obvious reasons. So even when you’re taking a road trip, you will want to make sure you are not going through states that criminalize possession of marijuana, medical or otherwise.

Traveling with medical marijuana when going on a flight is highly discouraged, for all the reasons previously mentioned. However, while driving in a car from state to state has you dealing with state laws, flying on an airplane puts you in the federal zone. Drugs of any kind are handled by those representing federal laws, not state laws, which means, if you are checked at an airport, people representing the federal government can get involved. In other words, air travel is a federal situation, which means you should never be traveling with medical marijuana with you on an airplane.

Getting Medical Marijuana with MMJ Doctors

If you are interested in getting a Florida medical marijuana card with MMJ Doctors, it has never been a more straightforward process. You may go online and visit our website to make an appointment with one of our licensed marijuana doctors. One great thing is that medical marijuana allows you to use telehealth communication (not in Florida), which means you and your doctor can speak via video chat. Once you have been evaluated and approved, the doctor will sign you a recommendation letter for you to use at local state dispensaries. You will later receive an ID card that you can use in conjunction with your letter of recommendation.

Get real relief today; call us at (305) 776-2898 make your appointment with MMJ Doctors.

Travel with cannabis legally. MMJ Doctors can help you get started with your cannabis card today

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