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At least a third of the US population suffers from a type of chronic pain. One of the most common types of chronic pain is pelvic pain, with women as the most affected by the condition. Pelvic pain is a pain that usually occurs below the belly button and just above the legs.


Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and Medical Marijuana


It can be caused by several issues ranging from digestive system complications to cysts. Some women may experience pelvic pain after childbirth, while others experience it due to complications such as endometriosis.

Medical marijuana has grown to become one of the most sort after alternative treatments for pelvic pain. As more and more states legalize the product, maybe it is time for modern medicine to consider prescribing cannabis for chronic pelvic pain.

Here is everything you need to know about the treatment of chronic pelvic pain using medical marijuana.

Types of Cannabinoids

It is essential to understand the different types of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. This way, you ensure you only use what is required for your pelvic pain treatment.


This is an extract of the cannabis plant that is responsible for enhancing your mood and also helps to deal with pain. CBD can be used with opioids to achieve efficacy and reduce the chances of overdose or addiction.


While CBDa cannabinoid has not been widely researched like CBD and THC, reports suggest that it is ideal for pain and fatigue relief, which are common side effects of chronic pelvic pain. Because it is more water-soluble than CBD, it can be used in fewer doses to achieve pain relief.

Ensure you store your CBDa in a cool and dry place as exposure to light will convert it into CBD.


This is a cannabinoid known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. According to research, this is more water-soluble than THC, which means that fewer doses are required for pain relief. This reduces the cost of treatment and also the chances of suffering adverse side effects.


This is the part of cannabis responsible for euphoria and psychoactivity. While most people prefer to use marijuana without THC, little amounts of it can help to relieve pain, relax muscles, and reduce inflammation without necessarily inducing euphoria.

You can find the cannabinoids in the form of pills, topical creams, or oils.

How to take Medical Marijuana for Pelvic Pain

For medical marijuana to be effective in the treatment of pelvic pain, it needs to be taken accordingly. There are different methods for administering medical marijuana. The benefits you get from the use of medical marijuana depend on the intake method you use.


Best Ways to Use Medical Marijuana for CPPS


This is the most common method used to administer medical marijuana for pelvic pain treatment. Ingestion offers systemic relief for pain patients. The effects last longer, and also, it helps to reduce inflammation.

When used consistently through ingestion, you will experience a reduction in the severity of the symptoms. With time, you may even be able to decrease the dosage without compromising on the effectiveness.

Orally, you can take medical marijuana in the form of capsules or edible products. It is advisable to avoid using edibles if you are new to marijuana use. This is because there is no way of measuring the dosage, which can sometimes lead to an overdose and adverse side effects.


If your chronic pelvic pain fluctuates in intensity or if the pain is constant, inhaling medical marijuana may be the best way to control the pain. Inhalation relieves pain faster than the other methods, thus offering quick relief from pain. This is also the best method for anyone concerned about dosage control.

It is the most common method of administering medical marijuana and is best for people who cannot ingest the drug or people who suffer from nausea. You can enjoy peak relief in under ten minutes after inhalation.

Transdermal perches

If you prefer to use cannabis externally, you can use transdermal patches to treat chronic pelvic pain. While they are applied externally, they are made with agents that make it possible for the cannabinoids to penetrate the skin and offer relief inside out through the bloodstream.

One cannabis transdermal patch can provide up to twelve hours of pain relief. It is more reliable and consistent when compared to edible marijuana products. These are an excellent choice for chronic pelvic pain patients with medication complication concerns.

Finding the Right Medical Marijuana strain for Pelvic Pain

When it comes to pain management, some strains of marijuana can be more effective than others. It is important to consider the type of pain you have, and the time of day you plan to use marijuana.

Inflammation is the body’s auto-response to self-healing and often causes pain. You can use Medical marijuana to treat the inflammation and to relieve the pain. For pelvic pain, you need to go for a strain with a high level of CBD. This is especially ideal if you operate machinery or need to work during the day as it does not cause euphoria.

Ultimately, the best blend for chronic pain relief contains a bit of CBD and THC. Together they work to relieve pain and elevate your mood.

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