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Since time immemorial, cannabis has been in use to help alleviate pain, depression, and anxiety. Statistically speaking, it’s estimated that one in every ten adults in the US is facing depression. Sadly, a significant number of depressed fail to seek medical assistance. As worrying as the statics are, it’s estimated that a total of 18 million people in the United States suffer from depression. This is a clear indicator that if you are not depressed then perhaps you know a number of persons suffering from this condition.

The good news is that depression can be cured. At MMJ Doctors, a team of trained and qualified physicians will always endeavor to provide the best medical marijuana treatment for depression. At this age and time, there would be absolutely no reason not to get professional assistance.



What Causes Depression?


Depression and its causes


  • Social causes such as traumatizing experiences like divorce and death of the loved ones.
  • Hormones in your body can trigger depression.
  • Being diagnosed with terminal diseases.
  • Personal attributes like low self-esteem and pessimism.
  • Drug and substance abuse.

How exactly can Medical Marijuana Help with Depression?


How medical marijuana helps with symptoms of depression?


This is a very logical question considering how many depressed people fail to seek medical assistance. The following are five ways in which medical marijuana can help you cope with the negative sides of depression.

1- Loss of Appetite

Depression will definitely hamper your good appetite. Eating may become an impossible task. Medical marijuana is well known for increasing appetite. Major depression is most likely to lead to an extreme lack of appetite. This has a direct effect on your weight. With the loss of appetite, you will definitely lose a lot of weight. This may make you sink deeper into misery. After ingestion or even smoking, you are bound to eat more.  What may sound like music in your ears is the fact that marijuana can increase appetite in virtually every individual. It is because of this curative property that cannabis is mostly used in the HIV department to help emaciated patients gain more weight. MMJ Doctors clinic New York will offer you the right strain for the sake of your perfect health.

2- Fatigue

Depression is known to sap energy and leaves you fatigued. Some strains of marijuana have energetic properties. If you have trouble getting out of bed or carrying out normal activities, you have to get the assistance of a qualified physician. Some strains such as the amnesia haze are perfect in providing energy for daytime usage. Most strains are splendid in boosting your energy and beating the boredom associated with fatigue. Some known strains are good for increasing your focus and making you feel livelier.

3- Insomnia

Many people who are depressed lack sleep, or generally struggle to catch sleep. There is nothing as stressful as a lack of sleep. Many patients are plagued by thoughts that make it difficult for them to relax and get a good and peaceful sleep. With the assistance of medical marijuana, you will be able to beat insomnia and get your good sleep. Strains of cannabis have a therapeutic effect which is associated with peace. This will eventually lull you to a deep beautiful slumber. Talk with your doctor at MMJ Doctors to find the perfect strain that suits your symptoms. With such professional help, lack of sleep will be a happy bygone.



4- Low Sex Drive

Depression will always take away your bedtime pleasure.  Low libido, lack of interest in a sexual affair, and taking longer to orgasm may be a pointer to depressive episodes. It has been argued that depression occurs when one fails to enjoy things they used to enjoy such as sex. People with depression may have a jaundiced view of their partners leading to decreased energy and sexual drive or gratification. With the use of medical marijuana will help you be energized. Sex drive and energy are inseparable. It is worthy to note that sexual challenges associated with depression are only temporary and once proper medical attention is provided you will certainly go back to your normal sexual life.

5- Irritability

Feelings of anger can be directly linked to depression. Extreme depression will witness a complete lack of control over one’s temper. Scholars have argued that most people who experience irritability direct anger more at themselves than others. You may most likely feel angry at yourself for no particular reason. Strains of cannabis can induce excitement and feelings of happiness that combat anger and irritability.

Depression-like any other disease is manageable. It is perhaps time to open up and seek medical assistance. At MMJ Doctors we pride ourselves in providing the best services for your needs. You are our first priority.  Visit us today at 347 5th Ave, Ste 1402 New York, NY 10016 (888) 578-6704.



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