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From glaucoma to cancer, medical marijuana has proved effective in alleviating the pain and other symptoms of various conditions. How do you take marijuana to enjoy these benefits? Here is a rundown of the various delivery methods for medical marijuana.

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How to smoke your medical marijuana is by first packing some amount of dried cannabis flower into rolling paper, a pipe, or water pipe (commonly referred to as a bong.) You then combust the flower by holding a flame to it and inhale the smoke.

This method provides instant relief. It is also an inexpensive method, and you will have an easy time controlling your dosage. The unpleasant smell of the smoke may linger on you a while. Smoking may also cause lung irritation, and in the long-term, may lead to lung damage.


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The first step to this method is heating your vaporizer to a recommended temperature. After the preheating, insert some dried cannabis flower or extract it into the vaporizer. Inhale after pressing the button on the vaporizer.

Unlike smoking, you don’t have to worry about any lingering smells, and the method is less harsh on your lungs. Vaping also delivers instant relief with the best CBD oil for vaping. Drawbacks to this method include the cost of the vaporizers. Preheating the vaporizer also takes time.

Ingesting Edibles

For the longest time, brownies or cookies were the only edibles for ingesting medical marijuana. Today, there are weed crackers, chocolate bars, lollipops, and more.

Weed edibles taste great and maybe a more palatable choice if you are a new or inexperienced user. The effects are also long-lasting. On the downside, it may take some time before the effects kick in. You will also need to be careful with the handling so that kids and pets don’t ingest the edibles.

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Topicals include lotions, salves, ointments, and creams, which are infused with the active ingredients in medical marijuana. You will apply the topical solution directly to the skin in the area where you are experiencing inflammation or pain.

This method provides effective relief for localized inflammation and pain. Again, you will get the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana without getting high. The drawback is that you may experience some skin irritation with some topicals.

Transdermal Patches

With this method, what you need to do is to apply the patch on a clean and hairless part of your body, such as your inner wrist and on top of your ankle or foot. Transdermal patches provide relief throughout the body since marijuana will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

That you will be absorbing your entire dosage is one of the benefits of using transdermal patches. This is because your medical marijuana will not be digested or altered in any other way. The main drawback is that there is a slow onset of the effects. You may also experience an allergic reaction, such as skin irritation.

Sub-lingual Sprays or Tinctures

Medical marijuana extracts are mixed with an MCT oil, such as coconut oil to produce tinctures. Alcohol and glycerine solutions also work well. You then squirt some of this solution under your tongue, let it rest a while as it absorbs through the thin tissues of your mouth.

The taste is only mild, and you can easily control your dosage. On the other hand, it may take some time for the effects to kick in. Tinctures can also be quite expensive if you require a high dose.


With this method, you will insert a cone-shaped mass of medical marijuana extract into your rectum, where it will be absorbed through your colon.

Pros include faster kick-in of the effects. The effects also last longer. On the other hand, inserting suppositories can be quite difficult, not to mention embarrassing. You also need to refrigerate the suppositories.


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Ingesting Fresh Cannabis

You can eat your marijuana raw, although it is best to juice it. You can drink the juice as it or add other ingredients to make a tasty juice or smoothie.

You can be sure you are consuming all the compounds. On the other hand, effects will be slow since it will need to go through the digestive system. You will also need quite a big supply, even for a regular dose. It is difficult to know the exact dosage of medical compounds you get from the drink.

Medical Marijuana Beverages

These include cannabis-infused teas and smoothies, and juices. You can also make your own cannabis-infused tea by placing a bud, or some tincture in hot water.

Keeping track of your dosage is quite difficult. While the effects may not kick in fast, they do last longer.

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This advanced method of consuming medical marijuana involves heating a cannabis concentrate and inhale the smoke. Unlike vaping, you will use a butane torch as a delivery device. The dabs or cannabis concentrates contain high THC doses, which is why you shouldn’t try the method if you are a new user or have a low THC tolerance.

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Medical Marijuana

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